The National Youth Coalition for Housing has a long history of producing reports and submissions around the issue of youth housing and youth homelessness. Below is a list of our recent and not so recent resources that we have produced.

  • April 2005, NYCH report, States of Neglect: An analysis of child protection legislation and the link with child and youth homelessness
  • September 2000, NYCH/CHFA report: Improving disadvantaged single young people‚Äôs access to community housing
  • July 2000, NYCH report, Accommodating Young People with Mental Health Issues

These resources are available through the National Library of Australia:

  • August 1997, Shutting the door in their faces: barriers to housing experienced by young people, prepared for the National Youth Coalition for Housing (NYCH) by Rodney Fopp
  • June 1997, Your dream our nightmare: national youth housing policy, written by Prue Walker and Sarah MacLean
  • March 1995, Housing rights or homeless nights: response to Surviving not thriving: the National Youth Housing Strategy Discussion Paper
  • September 1993, Towards SAAP III : a national youth housing field perspective (with responses to recommendations of the Report of the National Evaluation of SAAP – moving forward)
  • October 1992, Living, learning and working: the experiences of young people in rural and remote communities in Australia, written by Suzi Quixley
  • December 1991, Housing Rights or Homeless Nights
  • November 1991, Shelter or the streets: housing information handbook
  • August 1991, The Supported Accommodation Assistance Program: national policy, written by Monica Wolf
  • April 1990, Do you come here often? : Another report on young women and supported housing
  • June 1988, Big problem – no action: a report on housing needs of aboriginal young people
  • March 1988, A report of the 3rd National Youth Housing Conference held in Adelaide on February 18-21, prepared by Penny Carr for the National Youth Coalition for Housing
  • September 1987, What are nice girls like you doing in a place like this? : a report on young women’s access to youth housing , NYCH, Written by Kelly Gardiner and Michele O’Neil.
  • February 1987, Singles access to assistance under the 1984 commonwealth-state housing agreement
  • December 1984, Young women and housing: a response to the crisis accommodation review and Commonwealth State Housing Agreement negotiations, prepared by Margie Kaye and Deb Welch with assistance from Quentin Buckle